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Two or more Large Avocado Trees

Dec 16, 2018 – Jan 30, 2019

But let me confess ... I made a mistake.
However, I got lucky and many people like you, told me about it, and how to correct it. Thank You.

We made the following offer but I did it at the wrong time, I'm told! The holidays are ahead and most people are busy on preparations. So, he...

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Unprecedented Half Price Large Avocado Trees

Nov 29, 2018 – Dec 16, 2018

A set of two very healthy avocado trees and some in flower and ready to fruit. However we strongly recommend pruning off the flowers to let your trees get established first, and then let them flower and hold some fruit in the 2nd or from the third year in the ground. To make sure the best growing...

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Do You Want More Avocados?
Cross Pollinate Your Avocado Trees
Nature has developed amazing ways of ensuring living organisms to survive and multiply. Flowering plants use pollination to develop a seed and then disperse the seeds to start a new cycle of new generation of their species.
Avocado tr...

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Why Prune Your Young Avocado Trees?

The photo is of a 3 year old Hass, pruned by a friend-client. Is Pruning Avocado Trees Easy?

Yes it is.
All we need to know is why we want to prune, and then just follow simple steps. Prune avocado trees to keep them small, and encourage them to flower a...

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Avocados, The Universe, and Everything else in Between

Is there a connection?
You Bet.
Read on please.

Stephen Hawking, the great scientist of our age, has passed away. What a legacy he left behind. To be sure, I don't really understand the finer points of his work as I'm not a physicist, a...

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Avocado Vertical Growing?

What is a vertical garden?
The other day a friend-client was talking about vertical gardens gaining popularity in many overcrowded cities, all around the world. She adopted the idea and was growing her avocado trees in the barrels shown, successfully.

We all have a...

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Do You Know How to Grow Avocados in Cooler Regions?

The other day, I stumbled on news of avocado prices spiking again and we are in the "season"! Last year they sold for $8 and more in some places. That's $8 for a single avocado not a Kilo or pound.
Wait you till May, June and July come!

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Avocado Trees Can Be a Blessing

The other day, the avopro.org guys found they had some astonishingly well developed, and in a tip top shape avocado trees, tucked away in one of their avocado tree batches.

The present weather and heat in NZ, meant a lot of watering and extra care for such avoc...

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a month ago
What wonderful people to engage with! We received our beautiful healthy avocado trees ahead of schedule, and with lots of free helpful information to get us started. You can feel their love and passion for avocados coming through in all communications. Thank you!
- Ann L
a month ago
Highly recommend!!! Wonderful family owned business, I got 4 trees off them a few years ago, kept them in pots, now finally planted them in the ground and they're still growing strong, the ebooks especially helped me in terms of caring, pruning, potting them/planting them in the ground.
- Natalie L
a year ago
I initially brought four mini avocado trees, and several ebooks from AvoPro. The service and products are great. Whence of our tree died after frost damaged we brought another and were suprised to get some bonus fertiliser. Almost 3 years after buying the trees they are happy to provide friendly, fast advice by email. I highly recommending using AvoPro for all your avocado tree needs.
- Alastair B

Do You Like Growing Avocado Trees?

Avocado trees are a bit fussy.

Most of us try it, fail, and give up, because:
We Are Not Given Enough Knowledge on How to Grow Avocado Trees.
Once you know "How" ... you'll find it is easy, simple, straight forward and a breeze.
In fact: Avocado growing is; easy as.

Let me explain ...
We - the avopro team - have been learning this for the past 17 years and counting. Unfortunately, personally, I had to learn it the hard way. Therefore, You don't.

With help from folks, just like you, avopro is now able to present 50 + different avocado varieties unmatched by any other nursery in NZ. Again, by popular demand from people, like you, eBooks on all aspects of successful avocado tree growing have been developed. Some of these avocado eBooks have been in the making for 7 + years and will help you avoid the pitfalls we had to pull out of with much cost and disappointment. Not to mention the heartaches and the regrets. They contain the success secrets of avocado tree growing, overlooked by many home growers and tree nurseries alike.

Avopro client-friends rave about these simple but knowledge based avocado eBooks. They have been produced like a Paint-By-Numbers masterpiece. We reckon, even a 7 year old can read, understand and act on the principles described in these avocado books. 

email mini avocado ltd or avopro.org and see, hear, and even feel what the famous phrase "Knowledge Is Power" means ... as far as avocado tree growing goes. Before I forget, there are 3 gift eBooks on the avocado tree growing subject. They are gifts, available to anybody who asks for them. No charge, no strings attached.

These avocado eBooks are based on world class research from the top notch  scientists, gardeners, researchers, and more importantly these eBooks are the condensed and refined results of hundreds of our client-friends' experiences as well as our own. What's more;  these are free to all, who simply ask.

Similar eBooks or their printed versions cost many dollars ... some around $60-70 for the three eBooks. Not so, here. They are gifts to avocado tree lovers, the world over. Avopro does not force folks to get these eBooks in order to sign up and get into a mailing list. These guys don't even twist it by asking you to signup to a newsletter, or join their avocado growers' Facebook group, although doing so is highly recommended.
 However, for these gift eBooks, we do not. These are yours, by simply wanting to know what avopro and mini avocado ltd can do to help you grow your avocado trees successfully. Just email us, and you'll have them. F.r.e.e.e and as gifts. No charge. Go for it

By the way, we do not send any emails, promotional stuff, etc. to anybody without their specific permission. Our email system is one of the safest in the world and used by top notch professionals. We use a paid email service and we can encrypt everything, end to end if you wish, just like many banks and government services.

In a nutshell:
Do You Want to Grow Avocado Trees?
You've come to the right place.
email us. Thank You

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